SharePoint Server 2019 Preview

Microsoft has just released the public preview of SharePoint server 2019, with the final RTM version expected before the end of 2018.

I thought I would spin up a quick single server farm in Azure to take a quick look-see, few thoughts below with some reference blog posts also linked.

Features to Note

  • Modern SharePoint – Communications Sites, Team News and Sites
  • OneDrive Modern Sync, On-demand file and push notifications for SharePoint
  • Large File Support, Character Restrictions, and File/Folder Names
  • Hybrid Configuration enhancements
  • PowerApps and Flow have deeper hooks through a gateway
  • Smaller backend footprint and resource efficiencies
  • Upgrade from 2016 using Content Database Attach (not direct SP2013 upgrade)

My Quick Thoughts

  • Great to see on-going investments in SharePoint Server, on-premises deployments will still seeing the growth I predict
  • The modern interface will need some adjusting to for an on-premises business to are used to the same interface and customisation options of the previous few versions
  • It certainly feels weird with SharePoint Designer 2013 still being the official tool for management of the 2019 version
  • Deprecation of feature generally falling in line with what has occurred in Office 365

Blogs to Check out

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  1. Great news today Microsoft have made SharePoint Server 2019 generally available, i’ll be doing another play build shortly.

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