Outgoing Email Configuration for SharePoint Server

Four options to choose from to meet you requirements and email server configuration

Anonymous Email Relay Server

  • works with all versions of SharePoint Server
  • simply enter SMTP address or IP, most commonly uses port 25, and generic from and reply to addresses such as [email protected]
  • Set exchange to allow unauthenticated send as any users, deny relay outside domain, or to groups which require authentication

SMTP Relay Service

  • Required for SharePoint Server 2016 and below when all you have is a secured email relay server
  • Install SMTP service on a server, setup relay to a secure email server (can be Gmail, Exchange, Exchange Online e.t.c) and allow to access anonymous relay from SharePoint. Point SharePoint Outgoing E-mail settings at the SMTP service
  • Configure outgoing email for a SharePoint Server farm

Externally Secured Exchange Receive Connector

SMTP Authentication for Outgoing Email

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