Nintex Workflow DocuSign Integration Overview and Notes

There are three primary ways that you can integrate Nintex Workflows with DocuSign digital signatures. Below are some quick notes to hopefully save you time discoverying them and chosing the right option to meet your requirements.

DocuSign template passing through fields from a workflow

  • No support for rich/enhanced text, DocuSign will not render HTML in it’s a template, it will just display the HTML text. Also no support for repeating sections
  • No support for auto-height text fields in DocuSign. You need to set a text allowance in capture form or allow max space in DocuSign template, which means there could be blank pages
  • Support for multiple signatures in a single envelope, though they are statically defined in the DocuSign template and not able to be passed through by workflow
  • Able to create a draft, and manually add attachments and check recipients before sending
  • Not able to query stages during DocuSign process, it’s either Draft, In Process and then Completed (there are successful or in-valid statuses), which mean a multi-stage process can’t be tracked back in SharePoint interface

Nintex Document Generation file passed through to DocuSign

  • Signees have to drag signature to the required spot in the document
  • Support for single signature only, as they are set in the connector not DocuSign UI

DocuSign REST API Integration

  • This is also an option to go down, and though it comes with greater flexibility the complexity if through the roof, and defeats the point of aquriing Nintex Workflow for it’s integration capabilites out-of-the-box


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