Chrome Extensions for SharePoint Development

With Chrome still being the dominant bowers now days, and no doubt a longer time to come with Edge about to switch to Chromium with support for existing Chrome extension, I wanted to list some of my go to extensions which enable a range or enhancements when working with either SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online.

If you know of any other possibly unlisted in the Chrome Extension gallery or have great use cases please comment below.

SP Editor

Access via the developer console, a comprehensive tool for development, with functionality that covers such things as PnPjs console, Search Query tool, file and page editor editor, webhook, graph, site design, site scripts and AppCatalog explorer.

SP Insider

Create page overlay tool for inspecting current site object properties, and also simply running REST Api And Search Api queries with table displayed results.


No one enjoys Camel queries, and thankfully it is becoming less needed, though if you do this will save you some hair.

Chrome SP Dev Tools

Nice little side bar that allow the exploration and modifying of the property bag, site features. Also allows you to perform quick site search queries

Other Notable Extensions

SP Rest Client – Simple full tab over lay REST Api query testing client
Cisar – Client Site Rendering customisation inline and live
Page Diagnostics for SharePoint – By Microsoft for SharePoint Online testing
FlyView – Site navigation tool
SPPush – auto save scrips/css on the fly via developer console
SP REST JSON – Modify request header for api call to get JSON no XML

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