Evaporative Air-Conditioner Removal

Evaporative Air-Conditioner Removal

This job was dirty, mainly because of the blow in loose roof insulation in this house. came out quite easy in the end, the system is quite large and with ducting there is a lot of stuff to dump, luckly I posted if for free on Gumtree and it was picked up.

  • Isolate system from switch board
  • Disconnect ducting from both ends
  • Turn off, disconnect and drain water
  • Disassemble unit and remove from roof
  • Remove all ducting through roof
  • Cap copper pipe at t point
  • Replace roof batterns and tiles
  • Remove vents, back plate and plaster patch
  • Remove controller and lead
Motorbike Mechanic – 2 Stroke Scooter Maintenance

Motorbike Mechanic – 2 Stroke Scooter Maintenance

Bit of maintenance on the Yamaha BeeWee YW100 2 stroke scooter.

Front brakes pads were definitely in need of repair, pretty simple swap out, bit fiddly to get back in. Make sure you get that thread lock on bolts.

Spark plug and battery need a replacement, straight swap out.

Rear brake pad required removal of muffler and rear wheel. Need to adjust the rear adjustment and give a good clean out with brake cleaner.

Front leaver was previously bent, so that needed to be replaced also.

Yamaha BeeWee Maintenance TW100
Toyota Corolla Ventilation Hose Replacement

Toyota Corolla Ventilation Hose Replacement

Started hearing a hissing sound from the engine bay, upon inspection both ventilation hose off the engine manifold had split due to age. One hose is off the PCV valve and the other to the air intake manifold.

New / Old

Parts we only available through the dealer being pretty specific to the model, and was a simple slip on and off replacement.

Replacing a Starter Motor on a Toyota Corolla

Replacing a Starter Motor on a Toyota Corolla

Simpler that I first thought after watching a few YouTube videos and actually working out how to access the bolts hold it to the engine.

Parts show wanted double than the $150 if got it for eBay, and I figure it would have been close to $1000 to have supplied and replaced in a shop.

The cause of much banging to get the car started of the last few weeks